At Vios, we seek to grow our business by building relationships, and we consider our clients to be trusted partners. Becoming a client involves the following process:

We begin with a phone call where we go over the basics and get to know a little about you. We typically progress to an in-person meeting where we describe our services more in depth as well as ask questions to get to know you and your needs better. Read More on Planning →

Based on what we’ve learned, we then create a customized investment plan. Reviewing it together serves to help both us and you to better understand your individual risk tolerance and to fine tune the direction. The account paperwork also helps us get to know you as we gather information required by the Custodian. Read More on Implementing →

Once the investment plan is agreed on and the signed paperwork is returned to us, the final step is to initiate any account transfer process. We have generally found the new account process to be both helpful and relevant in getting to better know our clients as well as establishing solid goals and expectations for a successful long term relationship. Read More on Monitoring →