We believe the markets and the economy are imperfectly related and that this relationship offers opportunities for active risk management. We study economic cycles and market valuation before investing clients’ funds. Based on our research, we dynamically adjust each portfolio in a process we call active risk management. And it takes shape on two levels:

First, we consider both a client’s individual risk profile and the current state of the market and economy. While other firms eschew consideration of economic or market fundamentals, we believe this analysis is critical to managing each client’s asset allocation. Read More on Dynamic Management →

Second, we carefully choose individual investment vehicles. We do the hard work of finding individual stocks and bonds rather than relying on mutual funds, except when necessary. Read More on Stocks and Bonds →

At Vios, we look for investment vehicles we can own over time,and therefore, we avoid frequent in-out or rapid trading practices. Read More on Efficiency →